Reproductive Services

Hambleton Equine Clinic is proud to be able to offer an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge in this area.  We provide veterinary services to some of the largest equine stud farms in the area and have great deal of experience dealing with a variety of different breeds of horse.  We will offer you sound practical advice and will assist you and your mare with each step of the process.

Foaling Service

We have a unique setup because we are located next to a large and experienced stud farm.  Your mare can either stay there, less than 100 metres from the hospital or she can stay at the hospital which is equipped with mare and foal boxes and intensive care facilities.  These are monitored by CCTV and the hospital staffed by vets and nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can be rest assured that your mare will be properly supervised.  The advantage of this service is that you can have peace of mind and if something does go wrong during foaling immediate action can be taken to save both the mare and the foal.  Furthermore, if your new born foal is in need of intensive care then it is in the best place to receive that as quickly as possible.

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